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Most training fails for these reasons
1 - it isn't specific enough
2 - it's one and done, key points are revisited
3 - key points aren't shared
4 - new hires don't know why they are taking the training and therefore don't know what to focus on to take back to the job
5 - Company values aren't integrated with the training
6 - New hires bring with them cultural damage, values, and expectations from previous jobs that need to be undone
7 - How the training will set expectations, meet company expectations, and set them up for success is imperative

We've worked hard to overcome these issues to deliver engaging, practical, and implementable content that participants will enjoy!

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Role Model Businesses Provide Over 10% More Training

The need for quality actionable training is higher now than ever before. Businesses need employees to hit the ground running to keep up with competitors and to reduce risk. Existing management is not usually equipped to be the best trainers or even mentors as they are not inherited skills. Everyone from the top to the front line represents your brand and should be a role model.

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Provide your team or group with quality leadership development topics. Choose from the following or contact us to customize something just for you!

TURNING ENGAGEMENT INTO ACTION: THE TRUE MEANING OF EMPOWERMENT - Learn the key differences between engagement and empowerment and how you can turn traditional thinking on its side to get better results.

PARTY OF ONE - Building personal capacity and capability. The more you can improve your personal effectiveness, problem-solving ability, and goal-achieving skill, the more valuable you will be to your employer and your future-self.

HOW DOES S/HE DO IT ALL? - The ability to successfully complete tasks and projects on time and in budget can set you apart and make both business and personal life easier. This is an intro to project management for anyone whose job title isn’t “project manager” and wants to learn more without having to get certified.

IT TAKES TWO - Mentorship programs are rising as the generation gap grows. Often the participants are paired based on experience vs inexperience without regard to the mentors coaching or mentoring ability, setting expectations, and defining the process and its goals which is a recipe for failure. This workshop covers the keys to building successful mentor relationship programs.

ALL FOR 1 and 1 FOR ALL! - We’re no longer in an era where people can have rigidly defined job descriptions,  everyone is wearing and sharing hats. The best businesses succeed with “we’re all in this together” mindsets but that doesn’t just happen on its own. In this workshop, we’ll talk about recognizing silos, barriers, and invisible boundaries that are hindering your ability to create a truly collaborative culture and how to fix it.

TRUE SIGHT LEADERSHIP - The leader who can acknowledge that things are not always how they appear to be from the top will win the day. The world looks so perfect and peaceful from 30,000 ft, doesn’t it? In this workshop, we’ll talk about what happens when you take off the blinder and the rose-colored glasses, and take a look into the crystal ball. Seeing things for how they truly are when reflected back up from the front line is a powerful leadership skill that leads to influence and performance excellence.

OUR PEOPLE, OUR PROMISE - Customer satisfaction is just the tip of the iceberg. In this workshop, we explore how to evaluate, improve, and create the customer experience with purpose so that you never miss an opportunity to make a good impression and foster life-long champions for your business.

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